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  • Have You Heard of The Burn?

    I asked our favourite neighborhood chat AI for advice on attending Burning Man as I’m going this fall for the first time ever. Of course, they’re kind of repetitive, but I’m a bit SQUEE about the whole thing so I included it ALL. #OMGOMGOMG Burning Man is an annual event that takes place in Black […]

  • In Case of Darkness

    Sometimes the anxiety or depression becomes so overwhelming that you need coping strategies but you forgot those coping strategies and so, similar to the joyous list, here are the coping strategies. In case you forget. In case I forget. In case we forget.

  • A Few of My Favourite Things

    It is important not only to do self care like eating healthy and exercise and good sleep but to have moments of joy throughout your life. I often forget that. Especially today. So. I’m writing this to remind myself when I need to remind myself.

  • Yes, But What Is Temporal?

    It’s the company I work for now. It’s also the project / product the company builds. It’s also relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs. It’s secular. It’s also relating to time. It’s also of or situated in the temples of the head. Are you rubbing your temples yet? And here’s where it gets […]

  • Is It Monday Yet?

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Seventy Three] As terribly excited as I am to start strength training and such on Monday at 0500 I am also absolutely NOT wanting to start strength training on Monday at 0500. Cause 0500. And strength training. Also, what am I going to have time to inhale before running to the […]

  • Insert Montage Here

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Seventy Two] This is one of those moments where I wish I could push the fast forward button to do the montage of me training and eating healthy and being miserable initially but by the end being stronger and leaner and not necessarily enjoying it by the end, but struggling less. […]

  • The Ten Day Work Trip

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Seventy] I finally packed. The day of the flight. And I made the flight. And flying domestically within the United States is every bit as scary as I thought it’d be – no vaccine verification, no COVID test verification, just wear a mask, pack into the overbooked plane and hope you […]

  • Still Coughing

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Five] That’s it. That’s the whole post.

  • Wait, what?

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Four] Last night as I was falling asleep, I was coughing, like ya do, and instead of chilling out as I fell asleep, it just kept getting worse. Until I threw up. A lot. “Ah, okay, sicker then I thought.” #Noted Except now I’m working in America where you cannot […]

  • It’s Not Always The Most Productive

    I’m getting back into the groove of getting up at five in the morning which basically means that I’m staying awake when Boy Twin wakes me up at four in the morning because he’s leaked through.

  • Dear Future Self

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Five Hundred Fifty Eight] #DontPanic You just signed up for a ONE YEAR gym membership in America that costs SIX TIMES MORE each month than your gym membership in the Netherlands. SIX! TIMES! MORE! This will either mean incredible motivation to get your happy butt to the gym each day – […]

  • Sometimes You Get Stung Five Times

    Sometimes your day is boring – you sleep all day and watch it fly by from your bed.