I Love You, Too, Friends

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

Yesterday at 0500 PDT I made a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, that I’m starting a new position as Developer Advocate at Temporal.

And BOOM!! !

Y’all showed ALL the love.

I appreciate you.

Thank you.

But what does that mean?!?

A Developer Advocate is someone who advocates for the community on behalf of the company or project and advocates for the company or project on behalf of the community.

It means I get to know the project and the company, in this case, Temporal.io VERY, building demos and sample apps, diving into the documentation, watching and making videos and workshops, and travel around the world sharing content and gathering feedback.

It means I take a look at Temporal’s presence in the open source world and make recommendations to encourage external collaborators, to build a diverse, inclusive community, and to confirm the company and the project embrace open source in spirit as well as name.

It means I work with product and engineering and marketing and support and sales to make the company and project as awesome as possible.

It means I spend about fifty percent of my time encouraging my internal introvert – creating content, writing, coding, testing, and hacking – and about fifty percent of my time encouraging my internal extrovert – traveling, speaking, networking, teaching, and mentoring.

It means I’m absolutely over the moon to join Temporal as their newest Developer Advocate.