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  • Eight Books That Will Help You Build and Manage Successful Developer Communities

    Developer Relations is a critical function for any technology company looking to build and maintain a successful product ecosystem. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the top books on Developer Relations that cover a wide range of topics related to community building, content creation, marketing, and open source software. “The Business Value of Developer […]

  • Real-World Examples and Actionable Advice: Mary Thengvall’s Guide to Developer Relations

    “The Business Value of Developer Relations” by Mary Thengvall is an excellent resource for anyone interested in building and managing developer communities. The book provides a comprehensive guide to developer relations, covering everything from community management and event planning to metrics and ROI. One of the strengths of the book is its practical approach. The […]

  • I Love You, Too, Friends

    Yesterday at 0500 PDT I made a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, that I’m starting a new position as Developer Advocate at Temporal. And BOOM!! ! Y’all showed ALL the love. I appreciate you. Thank you. But what does that mean?!?

  • Have You Packed Yet?

    It’s fascinating to me how when I’m procrastinating doing one thing, I will do SO MANY OTHER THINGS. That I have been procrastinating.

  • The Packing List!

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Seven] OMG OMG OMG OMG Cause I’m going to pack Sunday which means I need to do laundry Saturday which means I need to write this list NOW. Also, Leander, don’t forget that you need to reschedule that doctor’s appointment you have for this upcoming Friday because YOU’LL TOTALLY BE […]

  • Ready to Fly Again?!?

    [COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Six] I am traveling for work, having not traveled for eighteen months, starting on Monday, lasting for ten days, and not going to one conference, but, technically, only two, but with LOTS of day zero events and social events and everything that goes on in between. And working The Booth. […]

  • Developing Communities: The DevRel Podcast

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Forty] It was my absolute pleasure to join Alex & Mackenzie on their podcast, Developing Communities: The DevRel Podcast, where they discuss emerging trends and talk with experts in developer relationships to unpack this growing field. But first the news: Janssen vaccine removed from Dutch programme over blood clot […]

  • Cockroach Labs At KubeCon CloudNativeCon EU

    #KubeCon #CloudNativeCon

  • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Ten] It’s been a long day, especially when you consider it started at one in the morning with a Boy Twin who wanted milk and comforts and cuddles and the opposite of sleep. Two. Hours. Later. He went back to sleep. Thankfully, Papa wrangled the minions for morning rush […]

  • Getting Started With CockroachDB

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Nine] I know, I know. I haven’t even officially started with Cockroach Labs and I’m already nerding out? Where’s the work life balance? Where’s the weekend off? #CantStopWontStop But first the news: Strict Protestant churches ignored calls for online services, no singing Two Covid patients die after power outage […]

  • It’s Gonna Be May

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Eight] Actually, it already IS May. But ya gotta make the NSYNC reference on the first of May, AMIRITE. But first the news: No further relaxation of the coronavirus rules, more under-50s in hospital Coronavirus 7-day average falls below 7,000 for the first time in weeks Young Covid-19 patients […]

  • We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Six] Yesterday I announced that my next adventure is as an application developer technical evangelist with Cockroach Labs and, frankly, I’m still high. #OMGOMGOMG But first the news: Curfew was necessary but did not cut hospital admissions, IC chief says Pregnant women can use Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccine, […]