Real-World Examples and Actionable Advice: Mary Thengvall’s Guide to Developer Relations

Photo by Katarina Miloševic on Unsplash

The Business Value of Developer Relations” by Mary Thengvall is an excellent resource for anyone interested in building and managing developer communities. The book provides a comprehensive guide to developer relations, covering everything from community management and event planning to metrics and ROI.

One of the strengths of the book is its practical approach. The author draws on her extensive experience in developer relations to provide real-world examples and actionable advice. She covers a wide range of topics, including how to measure the success of your developer relations program, how to build and nurture relationships with developers, and how to create engaging content and events.

Another strength of the book is its emphasis on the strategic importance of developer relations. The author argues that developer relations can be a key driver of business success, by helping to build a loyal and engaged developer community that can drive innovation and growth. She provides examples of companies that have successfully leveraged developer relations to achieve their business goals, and offers practical advice for replicating their success.

The writing style is clear and engaging, making the book accessible to readers of all levels of experience. The author’s passion for developer relations shines through, making it clear that this is a field that she cares deeply about and believes in.

Overall, “The Business Value of Developer Relations” is a must-read for anyone working in developer relations or interested in building and managing developer communities. The book provides a wealth of practical advice and insights, and is sure to become a go-to resource for anyone looking to excel in this field.