Ready to Fly Again?!?

[COVID Day Five Hundred Sixty Six]

I am traveling for work, having not traveled for eighteen months, starting on Monday, lasting for ten days, and not going to one conference, but, technically, only two, but with LOTS of day zero events and social events and everything that goes on in between.

And working The Booth.

I don’t even have a pair of sneakers with me; they’re currently with Customs. Sneakers or super comfy shoes are an absolute must when working The Booth at any convention for any amount of time over five minutes.

THIS is why I think this cough is mostly psychosomatic, but it could legit be something physical, too, but either way, I wrote up a few tasks / routines / bullet points that I want to make priority number one before / during the next ZOMG ten days.

Starting Monday.

To Do Before I Go

  • buy a pair of super comfy sneakers ORDERED
  • buy quite a few pairs of super comfy socks ORDERED
  • write the packing list NOW
  • check health requirements for travel
  • talk with a nurse about This Damn Cough
  • print the self care list and review it every damn day DONE
  • COVID test
  • maintain home self care routines

To Do While I Travel

  • stay hydrated
  • assemble a package of snacks
  • every morning: up@FIVE, light bodyweight / yoga / meditation
  • every evening: bed@NINE, meds and floss / puzzle book
  • COVID test
  • set boundaries
  • remember to introvert
  • at social events: limit to one hour / no alcohol / stay present
  • game: do the puzzle book during introvert time to maintain a sense of ‘play’

Once I Return

  • unpack / do laundry
  • COVID test
  • re-establish home self care routines
  • file expense reports

What. Am I. Forgetting?