Developing Communities: The DevRel Podcast

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Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

It was my absolute pleasure to join Alex & Mackenzie on their podcast, Developing Communities: The DevRel Podcast, where they discuss emerging trends and talk with experts in developer relationships to unpack this growing field.

But first the news:

“In this episode, we speak with Tech Evangelist and Open-source Advocate Rain Leander about their journey that lead them to become an advocate, the skills they have learnt along the way and specifically what it is like to be a advocate in open-source organizations.   

Rain started life as a dancer and first found tech only as a way to finance their dancing career, advocacy to them was a unique way to combine their love for tech and performance which is clearly seen in the enthusiasm they bring.”

Episode 3 with Rain Leander – Advocacy in open-source organizations

Dear future self:

Don’t start the podcast with “…yeah.” Try “Hello!”




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