No Open Source Stream This Morning

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Twenty Six]

I swear this is coming back SOON but this week I’m taking care of the kids by myself and still onboarding at the new adventure and, well, sometimes a person needs their introvert time more than others.


This week I’m especially focused on getting those steps in and remembering to eat and SLEEPING enough.

Y’know, the basics.

Next week, the partner will be back, but I’ll still be in charge of leaving the house / getting the kids to places / bringing the kids home from places because he’ll be in quarantine for at least five days and one negative COVID test.

I can do this.

But first the news:

If you’re keen to join me live, I’m generally multicasting on Twitch and Twitter and YouTube. Recordings of past streams are available via

There are a few streams in the works to start in the next few weeks (or have already started, but we’re just now ramping up and Getting Our Shit Together ™) – would you like to know more?

Open Source Stream : Wednesdays @ 1230 GMT

The Open Source exploration that I typically did on Wednesday mornings is going to move to Wednesday afternoon my time. Starting next week, though, not today, because #SoloParenting

While it’ll be generally focused on open source, the next few weeks will be focused on database / javascript / SQL / python / application development because that’s the new jobbie job.

IoT Stream: Fridays @ 1230 GMT

I really want this stream to be renamed “Green Automation” or “Makers’ Magic” because my friend David and I are building magical automated green houses together.

Ultimately, it’s a demonstration of Camunda and CockroachDB and automation infrastructure and IoT hardware and programming. Our end goal is to set up our own automated greenhouses, but put it all online so that others can set up their own automated greenhouses and have all the builds accessible, or at least viewable, from a central website or application.

Keen? This one’s on David’s Twitch channel!

Week End Update : Fridays @ 1400 GMT

Mostly about Cockroach Labs and CockroachDB news, this will be a shorter update on the week’s news, with resources and such in the show notes and a healthy dose of humour and snark.

Cause I’m all about the snark.

Cockroach Office Hours : Mondays or Tuesdays @ ??? GMT

I’m thinking this one will be later in the day to be more United States Pacific Coast friendly but I don’t really want to think about it yet – I’ve got a few things on my mind – but it’s something that NEEDS to exist.

It’s an opportunity to receive feedback, to hear feature requests, to discuss release choices, and file bugs. It’s a moment in time to come together where people know they can express themselves and be heard.

Why *wouldn’t* you have a weekly community opportunity?

No, seriously, I’d love to hear your input, if you’re keen.

Escape Room Adventures : Saturdays @ 1730 GMT

As always, I’m chuffed to play an escape room on Saturday nights and we’ve managed to set up a situation so that viewers can collaborate on choices and puzzles as we solve them.

We’re almost out of the UNLOCK! brand puzzles so we’re exploring new ones lately.

Let me know if you’ve got a suggestion!

But, yeah, that’s all the streams in the pipeline and I’m super excited to get started! And then probably pause when we MOVE TO AMERICA but that’s MONTHS away so let’s get started NOW NOW NOW!

Or, say, next week.



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