Last Week of Vacation

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Two]

Sure, I’ve been super sick for a few days, but I have high hopes for this week.

First, though, I am entirely over the moon to announce that I have filed to create a company, Groningen Rain BV, here in the Netherlands.

But first the news:

The new company is basically just a reflection of my brand and, well, the job description.

Build Awareness,
Support Collaboration,
and Embrace Community

But generic.

Groningen Rain BV is a developer relations consultancy connecting with developers, sharing knowledge and experience about open source projects and leading technologies in person and online via conferences, streams, blogs, podcasts, and social media. This Groningen based company founded by Rain Leander fosters a community inspired by open source projects and drives strategy around developer adoption and collaboration in the cloud native space and the larger open source industry.

Main Activities

  • Build and execute evangelism programs that successfully deliver content, brand awareness, and community building
  • Lead the conversation around the latest technology advancements and best practices in the developer community
  • Support product and engineering efforts by sharing what you learn while engaging with the wider database community and tech communities at large
  • Contribute to the development of demos and sandbox environments leveraging upstream projects and branded products in order to educate developers and inform technical content


Developer relations, technical evangelism, community management, developer advocacy, application development, public speaking, python, MySQL, LAMP stack, open source, collaboration, containers, Infrastructure as a Service, kubernetes, DevOps, online marketing, technical writing and project management.



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