Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty One

Literally JUST NOW everything was shipped back to Red Hat, to the RDO Community, and to colleagues.

And I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself.

But first the news:

Today was SUPER WEIRD because pretty much all the big projects, workshops, meetings, and programs were due yesterday. Today was just about setting up the shipping packages. Two entire boxes of hardware and swag for the RDO Project. One of my two laptops and phone. One tiny envelope of swag stickers.

Feels weird.

I’ve set up my personal laptop to access freenode irc because it’s where a lot of centos / openstack / rdo / tripleo communication happens. And submitted a talk or two to a few different virtual events. And started organizing a virtual meetup.

And I’ve realized I have no idea how to just… #CHILL

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had an actual vacation?


When I went on vacations before that? My partner would look at the destination options of our local tiny airport, pick a warm island, book a couple of AirBNBs, and explore.


Never, like, chill by the pool or some INactivity.


The thing is? I used to know how to do this. I used to make my partner JEALOUS. Cause we would go on cruises. And, yes, I’ll admit this is before we moved to Europe.

On a cruise (and we were SUPER poor, so these were those last minute, super cheap cruises with THOUSANDS of other people) there are things to do both on the boat and in ports, but they’re ALWAYS CROWDED.

And it was fine.

Because I knew how to chill.

P was miserable.

Cause he had no idea how to chill.

And now I know that I have no idea how to chill, too.

I’ve forgotten HOW TO CHILL.

PLUS #Coronavirus and #IntelligentLockdown and #NoTravel and now it’s SUPER weird.

First world problems, I know.

I’ll pretty much just figure it out as I go along. I’ve got two whole weeks to make it work.

If you’ve got any suggestions, Warriors, I’d love to hear it!

And we’ll see how well this experiment goes, eh?