Very Pleased To Announce DevConf.IN

Are you an OpenStack RDO user, developer, administrator or operator who wants to explore the wonders of Bangalore India?

Want to know more about OpenStackCentosAnsibleGlusterKubernetes and MySQL and how they can all fit together?

The wait is over!

DevConf has come to India!

Come and join us at DevConf India 11-12 May 2017.

DevConf is a world-wide series of community events on Linux and open source technologies for sysadmins. RootconfRed Hat and the Linux Foundation have partnered to co-host DevConf at Rootconf. DevConf features hands-on tutorials on Ansible deployments and SELinux on 11 May, followed by talks on platform technologies – OpenStack, MySQL, CentOS, Fabric – on 12 May. tickets are available to the RDO community at a 10% discount, so reach out to me directly or comment here if you’re involved (or want to be!) and keen to go.






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