Are You Digital Or Analog?

On the one hand, yes, of course I CODE, therefore, I must be all digital all the time, right?

But, no, I love my moleskine everything – okay, just an agenda and a notebook.

But, still.

Totally analog.

I love the feel of WRITING notes with a pen and paper and then referring to those notes on pages. And flipping through a calendar to look at upcoming appointments.

Now, pause for a second, I also LOVE writing morning pages on and nowhere else will do.

So am I digital or analog?

Can’t I be both?

Like so many things, the answer is neither simple nor black and white – it’s complicated and very grey.

Way more than fifty shades.

It’s about how many options we have when we’re faced with decisions, difficult or otherwise.

It’s never just one or the other.

Like the joke, what three keys don’t open doors? Monkey, turkey and what’s the third key? Now that you’ve heard monkey and turkey, you can’t think of the third ‘key’.



I know, I’m an ass.

. . .

. . . .


Not sorry.

Often when we are faced with a problem, two obvious solutions pop up right away and the rest of the answers become impossible to see. Ironically, I have two solutions for you to avoid this ‘trap’.

First, choose to not choose. For now. Distract yourself with something else. Sleep on it. Meditate. Procrastinate. Give your brain time to work it out on its own – this sometimes presents third and fourth and fifty solutions that weren’t ‘obvious’ initially.

Or, two, outsource your issue. Google. Delegate. Research. Talk to friends, family, and colleagues, as appropriate, to brainstorm. Pay me billions of monies to figure it out for you. I don’t mind.

And, since the whole point of this post is that we ALWAYS have more than two solutions, THREE, flip a coin. If you truly think you only have two solutions, one will resonate as the coin spins in the air. But if neither of them seems right, the coin will fall without a winner.

Heads or tails, you know you need to do something else.

How do you choose?






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