Do I Hear TWO?!?

Yesterday I took a day off and that’s just fine cause #whynot but today I was back on. And not only was I back on, but it was Father’s Day today and so a couple of weeks ago I picked out a present “from the twins” and went shopping with PROS.alpha and today *GASP* let him sleep in as late as he liked.

Which was eight.

Cause we’re used to getting up at six or five or four.

Or three.

Makes you want to have a couple of kids of your own, doesn’t it just.


You are the most wonderful, understanding, generous, most beautiful, exquisite, empathetic when you want to be, kickass when I’m drowning, rock of ages, successful partner, loving Papa, precious man I could ever be lucky enough to call mine.

You are truly the most exceptional papa to our minions.

Enjoy getting to sleep in the entire rest of the week.

Happy Papa’s Day.