I Would Buy It

I have thought about some books I’d ACTUALLY like to write, as opposed to, say, NOT.

In no particular order:

project do: goal achievement because SCIENCE
social psychology research for goal achievement; applying it to a goal achievement method. invent or better define a method.

– play with stuff: getting started with Internet of Things
clear cut playing with IoT and toys from the 80s, but making projects that are applicable to other things

– control the house: cloud computing at the dinner table
figure out how to enter the contents of the fridge and pantry into a central database that records amount / expiration date and set up a scanner for ordering more automatically… possibly that compiles a list until you send a different signal to actually order. so it doesn’t order things a little bit at a time.

– writing something about getting started as a new coder. maybe as a new woman coder. getting started. resources. speaking at conferences. learning and practicing. figuring out how you learn. how to do it ALL in your copious spare time.