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  • Exploring All The Local Cafes of Haren

    Okay, so this may seem like more of an advertisement piece, but it’s where I am and that’s more important than maintaining my I Have Totally Not Sold Out reputation. But who are we kidding – I’d totally sell out, given the opportunity. And so would you. Ahem. This post certainly got dark quickly, didn’t…

  • Who Publishes On Wednesdays, I Mean Come On

    Ideally this posts are written in batches and then scheduled to be published at future dates and times but I’m SO NOT THERE YET. Also? Don’t try to write while also letting the television play if you’re Rain Leander cause you’ll be CONSTANTLY DISTRACTED. I mean, some people can do it? But not I. Focus,…

  • And also taking a FREE seven week MongoDB course

    The other month I thought to myself, “Self,” I said. “You need to LEARN MORE.” “Let’s schedule all the learns at once.” Not exactly. But it seems as much, doesn’t it?

  • Prepping for Rails Girls Groningen This Weekend

    This Friday and Saturday I am attending Groningen’s Rails Girls workshop where I’ll learn to install and build an application using ruby on rails. I utterly love these things because there’s absolutely no pressure AND IT’S FREE. Plus learning. Learning is cool. Like bowties. Running through the Setting Up Rails tutorial – specifically, the Setup for OS X –…

  • Kermis the Frog

    I really must learn to make these myself and I’m sure it’s something quite simple like: 1. melt chocolate 2. dip cold fruit in chocolate 3. resist eating fruit until chocolate can harden 4. eat chocolate covered fruit