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  • First few things learned @RailsGirls_Groningen

    Quick notes about the $SUBJECT – Reset the mac’s name to mac. – Reset my username to krpl. – Figured out how to su – FINALLY:

  • And also taking a FREE seven week MongoDB course

    The other month I thought to myself, “Self,” I said. “You need to LEARN MORE.” “Let’s schedule all the learns at once.” Not exactly. But it seems as much, doesn’t it?

  • Prepping for Rails Girls Groningen This Weekend

    This Friday and Saturday I am attending Groningen’s Rails Girls workshop where I’ll learn to install and build an application using ruby on rails. I utterly love these things because there’s absolutely no pressure AND IT’S FREE. Plus learning. Learning is cool. Like bowties. Running through the Setting Up Rails tutorial – specifically, the Setup for OS X –…