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  • What We’ve Learned So Far

    As I’ve been rebuilding this site. In case you hadn’t noticed. I have. Cause of the hack. And this is what I’ve learned so far… Backups Aren’t Necessary UNTIL THEY ARE If I had been maintaining regular backups (which the hosting company is totally happy to do for just a few euros more per month),…

  • I’m Obviously Stressed About Something

    But I don’t know what it is. Helpful, aren’t I? Whenever I’m feeling stressed or anxious or depressed, there are signs. Lately I’ve been sitting on my ass doing NOTHING except watching television and / or eating. At night I chew my tongue so hard that the pain wakes me up. I also have nightmares.…

  • A Few Ideas That Have Been Rattling Around My Brain

    build a 3D printer from scratch. experiment with printing clothes and food and age appropriate toys for ProsAlpha. throw a catered fashion show. keep the toys. design, build, decorate and use a badass halloween advent calendar ala https://www.etsy.com/listing/240614464/this-halloween-advent-calendar-house-is# cause badass. maybe make something similar for xmas. maybe something totally different. speaking of advent calendars, organize / collect…

  • AND THE BIG NEWS IS (drumroll, please)

    No, we’re not pregnant. No, we’re not moving. I have a shiny new job. But first, some history. I used to dance. And to pay for rehearsal space and costumes and performance venues, I taught myself HTML / CSS / javascript. Eventually I retired from dance and took web development seriously – interned in New…

  • Without Further Ado, I Present

    The unforgettable. The enduring. The story that made us all want to be singers. At least in the shower. The EPIC. The INCREDIBLE.

  • Narrowing Down the Brand Already

    After sleeping on it for one night I realize I can define myself even more simply – with only “Dancing Engineer” and “Fierce Mama” – because feminist and baker and public speaker are not as much part of my soul. MY SOUL. Do you hear the angelic choir? DO YOU?!? [ appearance –> customize –>…

  • Jack Of All Trades Master Of None

    Part of the relaunch of this site is in an attempt to brand myself. Not so much in the cattle branding way, but ala Red Hat’s fedora or Twitter’s bird. And, sure, it’s not common for individuals to have a brand. Or maybe it is. But I haven’t done it. Until now. Queue dramatic music.

  • Under Construction

    Sorry for the mess. Blah blah blah insert witticism about rebuilding and re-branding and re other stuffs. (Add a humbling brag of awesome.) Got your towel? Then don’t panic. I’ll be back soon. EDIT: And we’re back!