I’m Obviously Stressed About Something

But I don’t know what it is.

Helpful, aren’t I?

Whenever I’m feeling stressed or anxious or depressed, there are signs. Lately I’ve been sitting on my ass doing NOTHING except watching television and / or eating. At night I chew my tongue so hard that the pain wakes me up. I also have nightmares.

And it’s IMPOSSIBLE to focus.

Now, some of this is understandable.

The site was just hacked. I’m rebuilding it with help (thanks, J!) and it’s coming back together well. I’m even thinking of switching to self hosting cause it looks entirely manageable.

I have six month old twins. In case you forgot. Cause I didn’t forget. Plus the toddler. All three are awesomeness, of course, but DAYUM, das a lot of minions.

But some of it is not as obvious because I haven’t really mentioned it before…


The more I work on the garden, the more I realize that there is to do. And that I need to buy more equipment for said garden. And THAT feels like that’s a gordian knot all on its own. I am attacking the knot exactly the same as Alex. Hack EVERYTHING.

I wanted to be one hundred percent at work by the end of this month. No pressure. I still think that’s doable. But. Perhaps I should remind myself (on the daily) that it’s okay if I’m not. I’m very close and doing Amazing Things ™ and also Everything’s Going To Be Okay ™. Repeat.

It FEELS as though the more I exercise, the more I can’t resist the junk foods. Cause, DAMN, sugar is GOOD. As is soda. As is chocolate. As is bread fresh out of the oven with melty salted butter. As is Hertog Meringue Framboos ice cream.


I am building my office because I’ve been working from our kitchen table since February. And it so totally sucks – the working from the table – because my back and neck HURT ALL THE TIME. And building the office sucks because contractors won’t COME OVER. And if they come over, then they don’t send an estimate. And if they do send an estimate, they can’t work until NEXT YEAR.


It’s a lot.

This, too, shall pass.