Technically, I’m An Adult

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Sixty Nine]

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

But one of my life joys is gaming. Especially escape rooms.

Every Saturday night.

Live with friends.

But first the news:

Also, I LOVE wearing Xmas jammies. And skeleton jammies.

And, okay, almost all adult onesies.

In public.

All the time.

And, I think, this is why I get such joy from playing with the minions.

Yesterday, though, Girl Twin didn’t want to play hide and seek or ‘go home from daycare’ or ‘sleeping baby’ or ‘I made you a poop surprise in my diaper #YoureWelcome’, she wanted to pet me.

My left ear. My hair. My nose. My hair again. My cheek. My hair some more.

I took off my glasses and watched her.

And she watched me.

And time stopped.

And it was beautiful.

I call it the Mindful Game.

And, so far, it’s the bestest game the minions have taught me to date.