United States of America Security Risks

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Sixty Eight]

According to the Dutch Government

I’m prepping for a quick jaunt over the the States to set up the actual move in August and ran across a Dutch Government website with travel advice regarding the United States.

It’s Not Wrong.

It’s also insight into why I’m so SCARED to move to the States.

But first the news:

Want to read about the security risks involved with travel to the United States according to the Dutch government?

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Terrorism is prevalent in the United States of America. Through the website of the National Terrorism Advisory System , the US government provides official warnings and advice for terrorism threats.


Many people own a firearm. It is legal in most states to carry a gun in public. Violence by firearms is widespread across the country. There are occasional instances of mass shooting incidents. These cases are not aimed at tourists.

Some parts of major cities are unsafe. Ask your hotel for information. In cities, stay on main roads and park in well-lit parking lots. Before booking a hotel, inquire whether the hotel is in a safe area.

Are you visiting the south of the state of Florida? Then keep an eye on your personal belongings. Especially when visiting large shopping centers ( shopping malls ), beaches and amusement parks. Do not leave your valuables in your (rental) car.

Drug trafficking is a major problem in the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, which border Mexico. Drug gangs can use violence to do this. Be aware of this when traveling in these areas. Follow the directions of the local authorities.


Demonstrations against racism and police brutality can occur in many major cities. Violence may be used in these demonstrations. Avoid demonstrations and gatherings where many people gather. Follow the instructions of the local authorities and keep you informed through the local media.