We Are Moving to Michigan [*]

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Forty Six]

Photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash

[*] Most likely

There are still some floating caveats going on in the ether, but for the most part we are acting AS IF we are definitely one hundred percent destined to live in or near Detroit Michigan.


But first the news:

I *really* wish I could reach out and control that asterisk – to make decisions and move things forward – but I can’t and damn, if I haven’t embracing the hell out of the serenity prayer lately.


And things are moving REALLY fast over here, too, but I don’t want to actually post until Things Are In Writing, signatures are dry, and copies distributed among all stakeholders.

I’ve also been trying to approach all the stressors and such with a sense of compassion, but today I woke up and could tell that Things Have Shifted.

Before there was a decided balance between excitement and stress.

The excitement is diminished.

The stress is looming.

I’m sure it’ll shift again – many times – in the course of the move. And just because I’m more stressed than excited doesn’t meant the whole thing is cancelled.

We’re still moving to the States.

To Michigan.

We think.