What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving, Leander?

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Fifty]

Planning the twins’ birthday.

We celebrated Thanksgiving MAYBE twice before the kids arrived, once after First Minion arrived and not at all since the twins arrived three years ago on 30 November.

Which is fine – it wasn’t really our jam before we moved over here anyway except as an excuse to visit family.

And that’s not possible anyway.

But first the news:

Thankfully the twins are too young to really want a party.

If I’m honest, we’d skip the whole thing, but First Minion is making sure they realize and appreciate What They’re OWED.


So, yes, I’m baking cakes this week.


But it’s more for the twins.

At least, that’s my excuse these days.

But as long as we’re in the Netherlands, probably it’ll be awhile before we celebrate Thanksgiving again – First Minion birthday is at the end of October, then Twins’ birthday at the end of November, then Dutch Xmas on 06 December, then Swedish Xmas and American Xmas at the end of December – das a lot of gift givings.

And then you want me to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner AND a Xmas dinner?

Yeah, no.

Maybe after COVID is over and we can do a potluck with our favourite locals, but this year?


Just nope.