Why, Hello, 2019

Water Closet

I blinked awake at three this morning.

After going to bed at ten ish.

And let’s just say that the early morning of 2019 were not the most ideal way to start the new year. And also let’s just say that this post is about poop.

You’ve been warned.

As I said, I blinked awake at three, went to the bathroom and instead of going back to sleep, my body said, “NOPE.”

I laid awake for almost an hour.

Nothing was wrong.

Except I was wide awake.

There’s entirely too much sunlight and promise in this picture. Obviously.

And then.

My stomach warblegarbled.

Let’s just say that I spent the next hour worshiping the porcelain gods.

And while I wanted to lose a little weight this year, I wasn’t expecting to start this drastically.

Not an accurate depiction at all.

So that’s been my morning.

How’s yours?







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