You Know You Have A Problem When

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Sixty Three]

As I mentioned, I picked out advent calendars for the whole family gifted on SinterKlaas.

While I was shopping, I ran across an advent calendar escape room.

Hello, my name is Rain, and I play escape rooms.

But first the news:

Anyone who plays an escape room or watches me stream an escape room on Saturday night, well, you’re an enabler.

And I thank you.

I came across this advent calendar and it’s an escape room.

What? But how?

Also, it’s German.

I was completely intrigued. Fascinated. Curious.

But it’s in German.

I speak Dutch, not German.

And, as much as we can get away with sort of mostly understanding one another on the border of Germany and the Netherlands, it’s a very different thing to READ German.

It has its own letters, people.

So I bought it.

Cause #EscapeRooms

And it’s AWESOME.

There’s a story.

Written in German.

Which translates just fine via the google translate app.


What if, hypothetically speaking, the puzzle is a mixed up German word that you have to unshuffle? Or is a combination of pictures meant to translate to a German word that you do something else with?

The google translate app is woefully inadequate.


Fortunately, I figured out how to hack the book.

Yes, it’s a book.

And it’s brilliant.

I truly hope that someone does an English one and if you’re a game designer and keen to do it, please let me know how I can help cause ZOMG.

I might need an intervention.

But not yet, please.

I have a few more escape rooms to solve.

Including the rest of a German advent calendar.