[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Fifty Two]

As of more than a few days ago, I finally got above 100 subscribers (THANK YOU SO MUCH!! !) and have been checking DAILY on Customize YouTube Channel –> Basic Info –> Channel URL waiting for “Custom URL” to show up and tonight after streaming UNLOCK! Adventurers in Oz, it finally did! is officially MINE!


Thank yooooooou!! !

But first the news:

When I got to 87 subscribers, I put out messages on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog asking for those last thirteen subscribers and within twenty-four hours had those plus another thirty two!

Photo by Carol Jeng on Unsplash

I hope I don’t let you down, subscribers!

Speaking of tonight I streamed the UNLOCK! Secret Adventures game, Adventurers in Oz which is NINETY minutes long and SUPER HARD and we got four out of five stars! Not only did we get OUT but we got all of the side quests done, too and if we hadn’t gotten so many codes wrong (seven?!?) we would have been under time, too.

I’m calling it a win.