A Clean House Is A Clean Mind

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Forty Two]

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

There is an INCREDIBLE amount of construction happening at our house for the past few months and by INCREDIBLE I mean, it’s enough to intrude upon my mental well being.

#GrindsTeeth #DAMNIT

But when it’s done, we’ll have an amazing new top floor, an updated full bathroom, and new kitchen appliances.

Actually, we already have those kitchen appliances cause that was a quick install – new oven / microwave combi thing, new stove top and fan, and a new faucet for the sink.

I’m not going to tell you how long it took me to think of the English word for ‘faucet’ but apparently I only say it in Dutch lately.

#HetIsEenKraan #WatLeuk

In the interest of restoring said mental well being, or, at least, controlling the things I can control, I’m making a list of all the cleaning / organising / Mari Kondo’ing I can do in the interim or will do over the next few weeks / months / years.

But first the news:

Oh, also?

I have a hair appointment for 23 March at 0900 which is the soonest I can get in with Monique at Jottem first thing in the morning.


My office is almost completely done, but has one more shelf of #SWAG that needs to be sorted, so it’s on the list. Some of the other things are so overwhelming that I. Can’t. Even. But I’m going to put EVERYTHING.

  • The #SWAG shelves AKA the place where I put everything so that I could sort the rest of the office that isn’t on screen when I’m streaming so it’s only seen by me but is still a horrible eye sore and weighing on my mental well being, damnit.
  • P’s office back upstairs. Including re-set up the wifi extenders so it’s possible for P to work that far from the router.
  • Restore the Minions’ play area. Holy crap sort their toys.
  • Reset the book shelves. You know the ones. Behind the storage area in the back corner that we pretend doesn’t exist but it does and it’s making you feel smaller every time you walk by it which is multiple times per day but you can’t put away the new bed or mattress because the upstairs isn’t done yet even though it was supposed to be finished by November 2020 I’M LOOKING AT YOU, K!
  • Set up the new bed / mattress / bedroom stuffs on the top floor.
  • Move First Minion into his own room.
  • Set up a closet / shelf system in the top floor and move completely out of the middle floor.
  • Sort the Minions’ toys and clothing in their bedrooms. Holy shit they’re going to be in two bedrooms. On a different floor from us. Are they going to be able to sleep through the night still? What will the morning be like? Will they scream at us from another floor? Will we hear them? How will we navigate the stairs in the middle of the night?
  • Sort the main bathroom thingsess. Throw away the creams from pre-2000, Leander.
  • Sort / donate / trash / recycle our bedroom.
  • OMG the pantry. And the fridge. Some of that stuff is super expired. Like, SUPER expired. And haunting the back corner of the shelves. And developed sentient life. Can we just sell the house and move?
  • Find a home for the massive Swedish trunk.
  • Sort / donate / trash / recycle the garage.
  • Set up a home lab.