Adventures In Pregnancy: The Limes

We’re in shock.

But also ecstatic.

I’m in a very odd place because, yes, Pontus and I had a long conversation about how many children years ago – TWO – because he had a miserable time as the middle child.

And while I would’ve been fine with one, Pontus felt strongly that siblings were vital.

And once I had Sasha, I wanted another one immediately.

So Two!

But when I was a child and I imagined having children, I imagined that I wanted to have one pregnancy with twins – a boy and a girl.

It was a very specific idea and one completely not based in reality because twins don’t run in our family at all.

So when I found out we are pregnant with TWINS.


Let me take you to the exact moment.

We’re at our very first sonogram appointment. And the tech scans in on two black blobs. And I SCREAM, “IS THAT TWO?!?”

The tech leaps. And laughs nervously.

“Wow. You saw that right away. Yes, that’s two.”

I turned to P and practically scream, “TWINS!”

And for the rest of the scan while she checked their growth (eleven weeks and one day) and confirmed their heartbeats (yuppers) I LAUGHED and CRIED at the SAME TIME.

So… twins.

We’re over the moon, of course.

And totally freaking the fuck out.