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  • Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Eight

    [Oh, OW] Around the end of May 2018 this site was hacked and since I had poured my heart and soul into it and had six month old baby twins and NO BACKUP, I let it go. Sort of. I rebuilt the site, started writing again and kept… stopping. Cause MAN that hurt to be […]

  • Adventures in Pregnancy: The Obvious Conclusion

    This story. This event. This thing. THIS HAPPENING. It was big. HUUUUGE. It was fucking awesome cause that’s when the twins arrived and they kicked much ass and it’s taken me all this time, I thought, because the story was really hard. But, why? Why was it really hard to tell? Because I kept waiting […]

  • Adventures in Pregnancy: The Final Chapter

    …is coming. I have been in the hospital since Wednesday and, YES, Georg Ulrik and Linnea Genevieve are HERE. On this planet. On 30 November 2017. #HOLYSHIT

  • Adventures in Pregnancy: The Swiss Chards

    We’re actually not QUITE swiss chards – we’re actually thirty-six and six days – solidly at the end of romaine lettuces, but we’re jumping ahead of schedule cause…. *DRUMROLL, PLEASE* We’re inducing tomorrow. In TEN hours. ADBFKNJZBJKNZB.NJZSI.LS/L ZNL DZI;G ;ZD GN ZDN BZ Z SG L!! !

  • Adventures In Pregnancy: The Pea Pods

    Still disturbed by the edibles. Apparently they’re approximately the length of a pea pod at thirteen weeks. Plus we received more information and I COMPLETELY LOST MY MIND. There was howling. There was vomiting. There was much snot. And there was a difficult talk between P and I that Really Needed To Happen ™ and […]

  • Adventures In Pregnancy: The Limes

    We’re in shock. But also ecstatic. I’m in a very odd place because, yes, Pontus and I had a long conversation about how many children years ago – TWO – because he had a miserable time as the middle child. And while I would’ve been fine with one, Pontus felt strongly that siblings were vital. […]

  • This Is The Weirdest Walk Down Memory Lane EVAR

    what is even happening right now. we’re having twins. TWINS. TWIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSS. also i totally replied to an email: You just HAPPEN to write when our family has the biggest news EVAR, hrm? There must be a psychic connection. Or you’ve hacked my web cams. Obviously both. So we found out today that we’re having TWINS. […]