And I’m Still A Bit Sick, If I’m Honest

So I’m totally back publishing this post to Tuesday, cause, DAMNIT, I was sick.

And not just me – the entire family – all five of us – has a cold that’s just enough that on Monday after I went to the gym, I was literally falling down dizzy.

And just enough that Girl Twin can’t sleep through the night. Just enough that Boy Twin has ELEVENS.

Just enough that P is snoring All Night Long.

Just enough that S is also getting up in the night, but he has a big boy bed and can just get up and walk into our room and talk.

Multiple times.

Throughout the night.

I also reached out to my two fitness gurus and asked if I should push through and go to the gym, but maybe with less cardio and lighter weights and they were both adamant that I get my happy butt to bed and chill the fuck out.

My words.

So I did on Tuesday, but then I forgot to post, so this is being written on Thursday and then back-posted cause TUESDAY, THURSDAY, LEANDER.

So I’ll think of something else to write for Thursday, but it might be equally rambling / awesome / snotty.

And that’s OKAY.