And It’s Only Tuesday

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Eighty Two]

Stress is rising.

Meetings are popping up like mad.

Deadlines are looming.

And I’m still here.

But first the news:

I’m definitely wobbly these days.

Definitely focused on daily rituals and coping strategies.

But I’m still here.

Last night was rough.

Boy twin woke up at least twice in the night calling out for Papa! And, thankfully, since papa had just climbed into bed and was more awake than I, he went and cuddled him for a bit.

The temperature is well above normal for this time of year – I should’ve reconnected the air co – but I didn’t cause it’s been so cold lately. I thought it’d be fine.

I even laughed at four thirty when my alarm went off and went right back to sleep.

But at five thirty I dragged myself out of bed.

Cause I was wide awake.

Cause it’s hot.

Today it will also be hot – tonight, too – but I’m going to stick to as many rituals as possible. And manage as best I can the rest of the time.

The airco will be on today. And tonight.

And I’ll still be here.