And Then Papa Was Sick

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Thirteen]

But that was yesterday and he seems to be infinitely better today.

Not walk through icy weather recovered, but, still, much better today.

Let’s… just… wait and see what’s next, shall we?

But first the news:

I don’t even want to say that everyone is better today – back at daycare and such – because then maybe the Universe laughs again.


That’s where we are.

And I always have lived dangerously.

I’m doing so much better, have caught up on so much sleep, that I walked home from the daycare drop off. Despite icy sidewalks and freezing temperatures.

It was absolute heaven.

Mostly because it’s been days and days and days since I’ve gotten out and taken those walks – even in the afternoon – mostly because I’ve also been so sleep deprived or sick myself.

But also it’s because I forget that once I get walking, I feel AMAZING.

And I need to hold onto that more than anything else.

I may not wanna, but when I do, I FEEL AWESOME.

The bonus that it’s good for me, physically and mentally, is just, well, a bonus.

It’s just not a motivator for me.

But knowing how kickass I’ll feel? Those endorphins that’ll spring up?


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going for a walk.