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  • Theories And Experiments Around Illness

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Sixteen] In the midst of COVID and such, is Not Exactly The Time for figuring things out, but I think I figured out Girl Twin’s mysterious illness – and based on my one day experiment, I was right. Maybe. And, also, I think I figured out why my temp…

  • I Don’t Actually Want To Say Anything, But…

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred Fourteen] No one in this house has been sick for 48 hours. #KnockOnWood Dear Universe:Please don’t punish me for this post.xoxo,~R. But first the news: Tuesday night passes relatively peacefully after appeals for calm Outbreak of South African Covid strain; 18 infections in Gorinchem Third of workers want companies…

  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighty] Finished wrapping presents this morning. Placed everything in its place. Bought the ingredients for the three dishes I’m making for tomorrow night’s dinner. We opened stockings tonight and tomorrow morning we’ll attack the big presents – this wasn’t in the plans, but COVID shifted things a bit. Want…

  • I’ll Stop Talking About This Morning Thing Soon

    [Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixty Seven] Sorry for being difficult, P.

  • Now With Actual For Realsies Real Titles

    [Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Forty Two] Happy birthday, P. xoxo ~r.

  • Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Twenty Six

    [And Then I Broke Some Toes] I know, right? But first the news: Trust in politics and institutions rose during corona, but new prejudice could remain Dutch need to teach more on colonial and slave trading history Amsterdam’s Red Light District Closed Due to Overcrowding The good news is that the stomach thing seems to…

  • Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred

    [Today Was SO Much Better] Because this, too, has passed.

  • Dutch Lock Down Day Ninety Nine

    [Today Was Not a Good Day] Today’s official title makes that song start in my head like an earworm that won’t die and that sucks because today was NOT a good day. Starting from the moment I woke up.

  • Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Three

    I never thought I’d be super excited to go work out. But I TOTALLY AM.

  • Gather Round, Kiddies – Mama Has A BedTime Story

    Once upon a time Papa had a wonderful opportunity to work in the Netherlands and Mama could work from anywhere in the world, so the Leander Family moved to Groningen.

  • Do I Hear TWO?!?

    Yesterday I took a day off and that’s just fine cause #whynot but today I was back on. And not only was I back on, but it was Father’s Day today and so a couple of weeks ago I picked out a present “from the twins” and went shopping with PROS.alpha and today *GASP* let…