Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Twenty Six

[And Then I Broke Some Toes]

I know, right?

But first the news:

The good news is that the stomach thing seems to be entirely over.

The bad news is that I stubbed my toes this morning.

The ugly news is that they haven’t stopped hurting since.

So now I’m icing.



It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s just the little toes.

Definitely two of them. Maybe all three.

Good times.

Otherwise, besides the broken toes and the stomach thing, the weekend wasn’t so bad?

Photo by Teo Zac on Unsplash

P and I have returned to having one late night / one sleep in morning each on the weekends – for two whole weekends and it’s absolutely SUCCULENT to get Two! More! Hours! Of SLEEP!

And we finally got around to trimming down a massive hedge that was entirely too short when we first moved into this house.

It’s been growing out for THREE YEARS. Felt absolutely AMAZING to get it done. It’s still quite messy, but it’s considerably NEATER than before.

AND we somehow hosted five children in our house.

To be clear, this is only bringing two children over to join our three. But we never imagined we’d be able to handle all of our own PLUS any additional kids. And at some point P and I just looked at one another in amazement – all FIVE – even the TWINS – were playing independently.

Without us.

Pure. Heaven.

So despite having a shitty (ha) stomach and some defective toes, this weekend was a win.

How was yours, Warriors?



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