Don’t Panic

[Dutch Lock Down Day Four Hundred Seventy Two]

I was totally NOT going to do another music post today cause Don’t Panic can refer to the Hitchhiker’s Guide catchphrase but it can also refer to Coldplay’s song and apparently a few other things.


But then I came across Coldplay’s video for said song and started crying cause let me explain.

No, too long.

Let me sum up.

But first the news:

And we live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do, yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

Our house flooded. In Detroit. The one we’re under contract to buy. To close on 19 July.

Last weekend it rained and rained and rained and rained and the pumping station lost power for two hours and all of the particular village we’re theoretically moving to and especially the street where our almost house resides flooded.

The current owners weren’t home.

Someone called insurance / clean up crews on their behalf, cleaned it all up, did an assessment to replace things, and wrote up a report.

Our realtor hasn’t been allowed into the property until this week.

We have no idea how high it got in the house.

All we do know is that the current owners signed a disclosure saying that the house had never been flooded despite this SAME THING HAPPENING in 2016.

Now that we know they’ve lied about this, what else did they lie about that we won’t figure out until well after closing?

I don’t know.

But I do know that I have been right on the edge of panic for a week now.


While I kind of thought giving two talks last week would ease the pressure, no, it’s worse.

Cause last night I started chewing the fuck out of my tongue and scratching the hell out of my scalp – indicators that I’m not getting better, I’m headed in the other direction.

But THIS helps.

This writing thing.

To get it out and publish it and you responding with support and love and hope.

That’s what I really need right now – to hang on for a few more days until we have concrete evidence on whether the water was just a few inches or more than quite a few feet – did it ruin the carpet down there or come all the way to the basement door?






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