Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Seven

I should probably not write while hungry.

Please hold.

Okay, so I ate? AND I’M STILL HUNGRY

But first the news:

While I still don’t know what’s going on with my metabolism, I know that I’m still having nightmares, that I skipped today’s walk, and that I don’t have to cook tonight.

Life is good.

Yeah, I don’t know either.

It’s one of those days where I was quite productive and quite stressed and quite happy and quite surreal.

Makes it hard to put a solid #GOOD or #BAD label on it, but that’s where we are now.

And that’s okay.

It was a day.

And I think the rest of the week will be like that – four whole days of adventure and good byes and handover and shipping off so much equipment to so many places. And next week will be recovering from that and the week after that will be getting ready for the next adventure.

And the new thing starts on Monday 01 June.

I’m not surprised I’m still having nightmares.

The good news is that they’re starting to normalize and be … less? Less shocking. Less awful. Less nightmarish.

And, yeah, I’m focused on the good things, so life is good.

Yeah, I still don’t know either.