Dutch Lock Down Day Fifty Six

Alternative Title: Happy Mothers’ Day, Warriors!

There’s a part of me that is super excited about this being the last five days of work with Red Hat. And another part of me is having nightmares.

Not that I’m super excited about LEAVING Red Hat but I’m super excited about THE NEXT THING.

But also I’m super stressed about having ONLY five days and SO MUCH TO DO.

Therefore, nightmares.

But first the news:

UGH no, I don’t want to talk about this shit either.

Can we get back to my knee?

I walked the short one to two thousand loop cause I was a bit worried about how my knee was still a teeny bit grumps and figured out EXACTLY why my knee was HATIN’.

There’s this hill.

Totally unnatural.

Cause there’s no real hills in the north.

It has stairs on one side and a sloping path on the other side.

I walked up the stairs and started walking down the slope and my knee SCREAMED at me.


At first I just tried slowing down and walking a bit slower.

Then it hit me, this hill was the reason for the pain, but now I’m halfway down the hill.

How do I get out of this?

I’ll admit, the first idea my brain gave me was to roll down the rest of the way.


The SECOND idea, though, was to change the angle of the pressure by walking down backwards.

And hope my knee would be fine for the rest of the walk.

And I did.

And it was.

Sometimes that’s how it works, though. Not just These Days, but always. Sometimes you figure out the root cause too late to avoid the problem a second time.

And then we learn and do it better.

Tomorrow, in my copious spare time, because it’s not like I’m finishing up a massive hand over for the last week of work, when I take the extra long walk, I’m going to take the short loop in reverse, see if taking the slope UP the hill and the stairs DOWN will satisfy the knee enough that I can walk the long loop afterwards.

Sure, I’m icing my knee again tonight.

But I think I know what will make it happier tomorrow.

You know what else will make me happier tomorrow?

The kids go back to school and daycare and such tomorrow.

If you were at my house just now as I was writing that, you’d see me writing with a massive smile.

We’re still a long ways off from vaccines and herd immunity and ‘normalcy’ but this is a step towards RELIEF.

I hope it doesn’t blow up in our faces.

Today’s darkness brought to you by a grumpy knee, freezing ice, and writing late at night.

I’m still nervous about everything opening back up tomorrow and over the next few weeks and months. But I saw a picture of my hair place and everyone’s socially distanced AND wearing a mask and that’s super reassuring.

Yes, I totally already have an appointment.

But I’d like for the brain to chill the fuck out.

We’re going to be okay, Leander.

Sometimes when I put ‘Warriors’ I’m sort of talking to myself, too.

Okay, definitely.

Love you, Warriors.

G’night. Sleep tight.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.