Dutch Lock Down Day Five

Photo by Chris Hall on Unsplash

We’ve abandoned our trip south as Spain and Italy lie in transit and the planes lie dormant in the hangar.

This satire / sarcasm / alt-world section is REALLY difficult to write when The Cabin In The Woods is playing in the background.

I think part of the reason why I’ve always found horror movies so appealing is because they’re kind of instruction manuals for extreme situations that could never possibly be reality.

Like Outbreak.

And 12 Monkeys.

And Resident Evil: Apocalypse.





It’s ACTUAL Friday today.

And while the weekend doesn’t mean what it used to mean, it is OFFICIALLY the weekend.

Can we just take a minute to think about that?

Even if you have a forty hour job where you’re not hourly and able to work from home, if you also have multiple children (or even just one!) you’re not getting a full week of work done in five days, so you’ll be working this weekend, too.

As am I.

Also I have to build a swing set jungle gym thing that came with all kinds of wooden and plastic bits and REBAR.

Actual. Fucking. REBAR.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


I’m gonna use that as a form of escapism this weekend – bash my head against the swing set rebar and see how far it takes me.

Wish me luck?

I think?