Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Eight

This morning I woke up with digestion issues and went straight back to bed.

No guilt.

Sure, there really shouldn’t be any guilt with going back to bed in the morning due to depression or darkness or what not.


But first the news:

I slept until one ish and felt much better.

And then a friend pointed out that she’s having a great morning as well, so company really does love misery.

How’re you, Warriors?

I think I’m okay.

I know I’ll BE okay.

It just takes time.

Yesterday I ended up playing with technology and working a bit even though I was supposed to be on vacation, but there were some great conversations and I have no regrets.

On Tuesday I have another chance to try the vacation thing because it’s Liberation Day and I’m sure I’ll do just about as well or better. Especially since there’s going to be less rain, more sun, and actual WARMTH.

Wish me luck.

And less digestion issues.