Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Nine

A friend asked me how today was and I’d call it a win.

(Hi, M!)

Because while my GOAL for today was to give First Minion a haircut.



But first the news:

See, cause, while my intention was to cut ALL of his hair, I only cut enough of his bangs so he can ACTUALLY see without pushing said bangs aside.


And then, because we were in a wrestling match between him bending over so I couldn’t cut his hair and me demanding he stop bending over so I COULD cut his hair, I thought I’d be brilliant and do an undercut of the back and sides.

And then the clippers died.

After I did ALMOST all of the back.

Sort of.

There was a lot of yelling.

And fake tears.

And fake ow ow ow’s.

And I still count it as a win.

Cause that’s where we are these days.

It’s all so intense and all so real and all so scary and terrible and stressful that when a goal only half happens or hardly happens or was sort of thought about and then other things happened.


It’s all so SHIT that little bitty half wins? Those are #WINNING

I hope you’re doing well, Warriors.

Remember that getting out of bed is #WINNING cause that’s where we are these days.