Dutch Lock Down Day Forty Six

Photo by Leslie Jones on Unsplash

If you know me pre-COVID, you know that I’m a bit of an Escape Room Addict and my friends are here to enable me so as soon as they started seeing virtual escape rooms, I started getting links.

ASIDE: I totally wanted to link this post to my previous post where I listed every single escape room / company that I attacked one year – it ended up being forty something – and it’s one of the many articles that was wiped when my site was hacked a few years ago. #HEADDESK #DAMNIT

But, back to the fun stuff, #VirtualEscapeRooms



But first the news:

And since I’m finally productive again and starting to normalize and starting to figure things out and, frankly, really sick of Candy Crush, I’m turning my attention to these delightful opportunities.

Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash

Keep an eye out for future posts reviewing this escape room or that one. The best part is that after I do it and review it (vaguely, of course, so that you can do it as well!) you can check it out, too!


Which is pretty keen, eh?

When I would talk about escape rooms before, you needed to travel to the physical space.


The reality, though, Warriors, is that escape rooms were built based on computer games anyway, so this really isn’t anything new.

It’s a bit of a regression, actually.

We’re all regressing in some ways right now anyway, eh?

And that’s okay.

I have NO IDEA whether or not these rooms will be interesting or playable or worth the cost or anything else, but I’ll let you know my thoughts as I do them.

In my copious spare time.

Cause also. Did you know.

Final Fantasy Seven REMAKE!

So that’s also a problem.

I’ve specifically NOT bought that game because I know the temptation to throw ALL of my spare time which NEEDS to be used towards therapy and self care and fitness towards GAMING GAMING GAMING.

But I’m sure I’ll buckle down and buy it SOON.

So many games.

So little time.

I hope you’re doing well, Warriors, and I want to hear how you’re keeping yourself busy / productive / centered / sane / learned / fashionable / healthy / chill.

Even if you’re posting just to vent – that’s AWESOME. Yes, what you’re feeling is similar to what I’m feeling is similar to what EVERYONE is feeling but it’s still healthy and beautiful to get that OUT.

That got serious.

Happy gaming, Warriors.





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