Dutch Lock Down Day Four

Photo by chris panas on Unsplash

We’ve sold the house, the car, and all but the essentials and are moving to an undisclosed island on the equator to wait this out.

Locals promise there’s plenty of sugar.

Zoe, the long haired tortoiseshell cat, looks forward to being shaved every week.

A, the oldest, can’t wait to make so many new friends.

Boy Twin wants to know if there are police cars with flashing lights that go DOOdahDOOdah.

Girl Twin is skeptical.

No, but seriously, I can’t even.

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

My partner launched a CoronaVirus psychology survey today, if you’re keen to help gather research over the next few weeks (months?) please participate / forward / collaborate as you can.

“The mission is simple: Crowdsource community engagement in a longitudinal psychology study that can be integrated with virus spread data.”

Dr. N. P. Leander, University of Groningen

The url is http://tiny.cc/corona-survey.

Photo by Shane Avery on Unsplash

Seriously, though, fellow Warriors, today was fucking hard.

I might write about it later, but, for now, I just want to go back to bed.

Cause in my dreams I’m in a crowd of people and we haven’t got a care in the world.