Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Eleven

[I Forgot To Mention The Dizziness]

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Yesterday, I mean.

There have been periods of dizziness with me throughout my life – it comes with the low blood pressure.

But the other day I was walking and my blood sugar dropped so fast that I literally swooned. I limped over to a bench and stayed there for a bit, breathing gently to make a plan. Eventually I dragged myself to the gas station (it was closer than going home), bought a chocolate milk AND a large peanut butter candy bar, inhaled both and was able to walk home over ten minutes.

Over those ten minutes, as the sugar hit, I went from walking VERY slowly to strolling a bit.

So that happened.

But first the news:

After I published yesterday, a friend coincidentally reached out to sell me some diet products and I totally jumped. In three weeks or so a detox arrives. But also I ordered the protein powder that I haven’t bought in ten forevers.

And then.

I went to bed early.

I got up with the kids, made them breakfast, and was incredibly active.

Then I went back to bed at ten and slept until two.

Four steps forward. Three steps back.

But tonight? After dinner? I put on headphones. And a raincoat. Turned on the kickass playlist. And did the long walk.

All eight thousand steps of it.

Bringing the total to ten thousand something.

Sure, there was a nap. Sure, I had pancakes for breakfast with the kids. But I resisted sugary snacks. I did the long walk. I cooked dinner.

And I’m absolutely giddy to receive the protein powder.

Cause it’s a symbol.

A symbol of progression. Returning to fitness. To strength. To resilience.

To stability.