Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixteen

[Let Them Eat Cake]

I’ve got all kinds of delicious goodies for you today, Warriors.

Office pics? YUP!

Cloud cakes? Oh YEAH!

But first the news:

Today was the #HybridCloudBakeOff care of the #DevRel group at Packet Host.

And it was DELICIOUS!! !

Want to see my contributions?

And, sure, my office, too.

All three clouds together!
A @GCPcloud Anthos coffee cloud meringue! On bare metal, of course.
A @VMwareTanzu lemon cloud meringue! On bare metal, naturally.
An @openshift raspberry cloud meringue! On bare metal, obviously.

I know. I know.

You don’t want to see all those sugary cloudy tasty treats.

You want those pictures I promised from two days ago.

And then didn’t deliver.


THE Tapestry!

The entire reason why I wanted to rearrange is that I wanted to get this contemporary tapestry weaving in the background of my video conference calls.

Cause it’s BADASS.

Thx, U!

Rain’s Corner!

The standing desk is standing mode!

Still figuring out those calendars. And that corner needs some decoration.

And a lamp.

Which is mostly my corner, really, cause that bookshelf is full of my stuff, not his.