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  • I Totally Get Paid To Be A Skellington Today

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty Four] I’m ludicrously chuffed to speak at Software Circus today, although, I’ll admit, even if I weren’t speaking, I’d still dress up to watch. Cause #CostumeContest And while I already wrote about this in New Mic Who DIS I completely forgot to add an actual link to the […]

  • New Mic Who DIS

    [Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighteen] I’m giving a talk next week with Software Circus and I could not be more SQUEEE. I saw them back in June when they did an Alice in Wonderland theme and it was just BRILLIANT. I think every sentence in this post is going to end with all […]

  • Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Nineteen

    [Why Did The Farmer Receive An Award?] Because they were out standing in their field.

  • Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Sixteen

    [Let Them Eat Cake] Office pics? YUP! Cloud cakes? Oh YEAH!