I Totally Get Paid To Be A Skellington Today

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Twenty Four]

I’m ludicrously chuffed to speak at Software Circus today, although, I’ll admit, even if I weren’t speaking, I’d still dress up to watch.

Cause #CostumeContest

And while I already wrote about this in New Mic Who DIS I completely forgot to add an actual link to the conference.

But first the news:


A (Scary) Cloud Native Virtual Festival
29th October, 2020

In the Clouds no one can hear you scream…
Back in May we followed the White Rabbit and reached the clouds of Wonderland… But it looks like our bunny has other plans this time 

Join the Software Circus spirits on a journey through your worst cloud native nightmares, wear your spookiest costume and learn how to bring your projects back from the dead!

All nightmares will be live and available for free! Register HERE

Some of the schedule that I’m absolutely SQUEE over:

1210 Belgium Beers, Grown Man’s Tears, and Aging 10 Years – Container Solutions’ COVID-19 Nightmare by Jamie Dobson

1245 Software Circus TV – Scary Music Time

1300 How we clean up our murders – postmortems by Marcel Muller

1330 Software Circus TV – Pumpkin Carving (PART 1)

1350 Being a Bad Influence by Hannah Foxwell

1500 Scooby Doo! The Haunted Developer Experience by Jason DeTiberus

1530 Software Circus TV – Chair Yoga

1620 Panel Discussion: Your Worst Moments in the Cloud with Bryan Cantrill, Anne Currie, Sam Newman and me!

1730 It wasn’t a ghost in the machine, it was me behind the keyboard by Dan Finneran

1900 The Nightmare Before KubeCon by Priyanka Sharma

1945 A bone-chilling look at advocacy by Kris Nova

2135 Software Circus TV – Spooky Cocktails

2145 Into the Bramble Forest: What Lurks Within and What Happens When You Find It by Ian Coldwater






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