New Mic Who DIS

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighteen]

I’m giving a talk next week with Software Circus and I could not be more SQUEEE.

I saw them back in June when they did an Alice in Wonderland theme and it was just BRILLIANT.

I think every sentence in this post is going to end with all CAPS.

But first the news:

The conference itself is around cloud infra thingsess, but then they have a theme that they absolutely embrace from the speakers to the tracks to the talks to the marketing to the social events – and next week the theme is HORROR.

If you know me, you know I’m ludicrously STOKED.

There’s a pumpkin carving contest.

And a costume contest.

And a drink making contest.

And the CFP requested cloud horror stories.

And as a speaker, they sent me a stipend to dress in costume AND / OR upgrade my presentation set up.

Since I have all the makeup / costumes I could possibly need, I totally upgraded my mic.


AND bought a skeleton onesie.

And I’ll probably be playing with costumes and makeup until Thursday.

Probably Friday, too.

And, yeah, I’m doing a million times better than I was – probably because of twins getting sick AND getting tested for COVID and everything else that happened over the last week. Plus also because it’s another week of hormone therapy down, so here’s hoping that this stability continues forever and ever for always.






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