Dutch Lock Down Day Seven

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

We’ve been doing this a whole week, Warriors.

One week ago today the Dutch government decided to close down almost everything – schools, daycares, cafes, restaurants, sex clubs, cannabis cafes, saunas and sports clubs.

I wrote about the latest nineteen in the Netherlands.

It didn’t really seem real.

We survived working with two partners and three kids at home for a whole day. And then another day. And a third.

It still didn’t seem real.

On day four, I lost my goddamned mind.

Photo by Jordan Hopkins on Unsplash

But I didn’t write about it.

I mean, I sort of did, but not the full extent.

Cause I didn’t want to admit this was real.

Really real.

That I wasn’t getting enough introvert time. I wasn’t as productive as I used to be. The schooling A is getting is NOT as good.

That I can’t go to the gym.

Or the cafe.

Or the park.

That we’re trapped.

That this is the new reality.

It’s a lot.

Too much.

On day five, we hired a caregiver who lives alone and is otherwise unemployed now to help out four hours a day. She bikes all the way to our house rather than take the bus because we asked her to. She completely socially isolates because we asked her to.

She’s amazing.

Not because we asked her to, but because she’s always been awesome.

She talks entirely in Dutch with the kids. And helps A with his academics. And entertains the kids while P and I get in a solid four ish hours of actual really real productive work.

We can’t maintain this for more than a few weeks.

But while my brain normalizes, this is a really good transition.

Better than freaking out, having suicidal thoughts, going to sleep during the day and lying awake all night with my very dark thoughts.

For realsies.


We’re NOT alone.

Because even within this new reality of social distancing, you CAN borrow a tool from a neighbor – especially when that neighbor reads your blog and volunteers their tools (thx, P!). I put on rubber gloves, rummaged through their dopsleutels until I found the right one, tightened SIX WHOLE NUTS and it’s done.

Theoretically, the rest of the set only requires a drill. Which we have.

And within this new reality, friends are reaching out to one another – WARRIORS are fighting side by side.

Photo by Jordan Hopkins on Unsplash

This is our new reality.

The new normal.