Dutch Lock Down Day Six

Alternative title – “Let Them Eat Cake

I’m baking a loaf of bread a day.

Something’s wrong with the bread maker and things aren’t rising quite as much as they used to and if that isn’t just a metaphor for the new reality, I don’t know what is.

I also started that swing set jungle gym thing and yegads, WOAH. Verifying that I had ALL of the parts – hardware, wood, plastic, everything – took TWO HOURS.

And then I did step ONE which was swing section assembly and I was SO TOTALLY DONE.

Wanna see?

That’s enough, right?

And that’s ALSO a metaphor for the new reality, eh?

The temperature tomorrow will be in the low single digits. There are still many more sections to do on this blasted swing set jungle gym thing. And there’s no asking for help. No hiring professionals or inviting friends over or borrowing a tool from a neighbor.

And yet, we will persist.

Boy Twin will slide. Girl Twin will swing. A will climb and duck and dive.

The pressure of the new reality will be a little lower.

And we will continue to eat … cake.






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