Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty Five

Photo by K Rain Leander on GroningenRain.NL

I do solemnly swear that when we hit the one hundred day mark, I’ll switch back over to informative titles.


We’ll see.


Not IF.

But first the news:

Also, if you’d like to see the snarkiest most #AWESOME english interpretation of the latest Dutch Press Conference, check out:

Photo by K Rain Leander on GroningenRain.NL

Today I had a hair appointment scheduled and I think part of me totally knew my partner would object which is why I made it and didn’t tell him until last night when it occurred to me that I needed to come clean and didn’t want to endanger him / our kids / the cat / anyone who accidentally comes into contact with me on my way there or back and so I mentioned it.

It didn’t go well.

I cried.

And put myself to bed.

Here’s the silver lining there, I felt AWFUL but I was also self aware enough to know that I needed to put myself to bed so I did.

Did I go to sleep?

No, I totally played Candy Crush and read and surfed Facebook because that’s where I am, but I WAS IN BED.

This morning I was hurt and depressed and sad and frustrated and ANGRY.

“I’m mad at you and lashing out at you because I can’t be mad at COVID19 or lash out at the virus. You’re here. And the virus is NOT. And I’m sorry. I’m mad because you’re RIGHT. I don’t know what safety precautions are taken beyond gloves and masks and 1.5 metres. And it SUCKS. I just want NORMALCY. And a HAIRCUT cause I feel UGLY.”

Actual quote.

Photo by K Rain Leander on GroningenRain.NL

The rest of the day was literally about 1) making sure I didn’t lash out at P anymore cause that’s totally Not Fair ™ and 2) self care. Long walks and little chores and sitting in the most heavenly chair in the universe in the garden in relative warmth and reading amazing books by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Despite the shitty night, today was a pretty solid day.

An especially awesome second day of vacation. Probably setting the bar a little too high. But let’s do less comparisons and more open minds, shall we, Leander?

We shall.