Dutch Lock Down Day Sixty Three

The time between Mothers’ Day and my birthday is approximately two weeks and usually jam packed with a ton of conferences and events before, during and after, so it is truly RARE when I get to celebrate one, let alone BOTH, at home.


This is one of those focus on the silver lining kind of posts.

But first the news:

Let me clarify – this weekend was pretty great, if I do say so myself.

I’m in one of those highs that only comes when the sun comes out and plays. And it was SO warm and SO hot and SO bright today that we PUT ON SUNSCREEN.


My partner is the type that absolutely positively will NOT open presents before It’s Time ™ and so this morning when he said, “Hey, First Minion, shall we go get Mama’s presents for her now?” I raised BOTH eyebrows.

I assumed he was giving them out because the eldest CANNOT keep a secret.

But, no, the gifts are for #STAYCATION2020

One was a lovely ficus ginseng and the other is an outdoor hanging chair. That I wrapped in mosquito netting. And despite all that sunscreen? I think a few members of the Leander Fam have actual sunburns.


But today is one of those days that was SO busy and SO active and SO productive that I literally almost went to bed at 1930. Except I knew I had to write. So I did. And now I sleep.

G’night, Warriors.