Dutch Lock Down Day Thirty Seven

Yeah, I thought yesterday’s post was boring, too.

Let’s move on, shall we?

I include three posts from each day so that I can look back on articles from a journalist / media / broader perspective over the entire country, but then I include my own daily thoughts / experiences / emotions to anchor the pandemic from a person actually living within the Netherlands.

Not that I’m Dutch.

I just live here.

But first the news:

The kids are sleeping through the night, mostly, but they figured out how to turn on the overhead light and that they don’t actually need to lie down and go to sleep right away, so they party until rather ‘late’.

Or they poop.

Which motivates them to not fall asleep anyway.

Yeah, let’s talk about poop again, eh?

This Saturday I’m doing GISH on the same team I did last year. Normally it’s a week long and I take off the whole time and do one or two scavenger items per day, but since we’re in the midst of a pandemic, the GISH organizers decided to throw an impromptu one day stay at home version this Saturday.

I’m excited, but also I’m going to be chill about it.

Of course, it’s not an option to take off or not be a parent or put in a few hours of work, but I can be #CHILL about it and enjoy the creativity and inspiration that competition and GISH and this community provides.

I’m also at a bit of a disadvantage because we’re not willing to post pictures of our children online. And my partner’s focused on his work.

Which is fair.

But it means I’m probably only going to manage one item.

Maybe two.


The other thing is that today is the twenty first and tonight at 1900 local, the government will have a press conference about what’s happening on 28 April which is when our ‘intelligent lock down’ ends.


And how.

There are rumors that the schools will re-open with smaller classes and other such things and First Minion’s school sent an email saying their thoughts on how it’ll look after May Vacation, but what will actually happen depends on this evening’s announcements.


Also, sadly, the daycares and after school services confirmed that they will only be offering services for emergency parents for May Vacation which means that even though the lock down might officially end on 28 April, the kids will still be at home until at least Monday 04 May.

So I’m going to get more gardening things.

Love you, Warriors.